Selecting a Good Mirror for Yourself

All our clients desire the best mirror, at the best price and proving the best choice for years to come. So with so many mirror options which one is “the best”. Read on.

We at the Magnifying Mirror Store believe there are 5 main factors to consider when selecting the best mirror for you.

1.  Choosing the Correct Magnification.

Short Answer: Our recommended magnification is 5-fold. This allows the user to view the face with excellent detail.

Long Answer: We offer three levels of magnification giving our clients options to fit their personal needs. These three magnfication levels have been scientifically selected based on the standard radius of concavity providing comfort and avoiding eye strain over many years of use. Our suppliers do not offer the extreme magnification levels sold elsewhere.

Here are the options explained.

3-fold is our lowest magnification as found in most hotels. In fact many clients buy one of our mirrors after enjoying one in a hotel. 3-fold magnification is OK for the basics - general shaving and makeup rituals. Not usually sufficient if you wear glasses

5-fold - Our standard and recommended magnification. Usable wether you wear glasses not. In our opinion 5-fold reveals a higher level of detail and makes your mirror an indispensable and flexible bathroom tool for makeup, plucking facial hair, removing skin impurities and precise application of cosmetics. For men perfect for precise shaving and detailed beard trimming and styling.

7-fold is our strongest magnification – Really only recommended if you wear glasses. Delivers incredible detail.

2. Mirror Placement.

Short Answer: When in use the mirror should be able be positioned about 20cm from the face and stay in this position leaving both hands free. Our wall-mounted mirrors with adjustable arms will meet this criteria or you could opt for a tabletop mirror.

Long Answer: After magnification we consider mirror placement the most important choice you will make. If you get this wrong then you will most likely not use your new mirror as often as you could. The important point is that you need to be able to position your mirror about 20cm from the face and still have both hands free. A good mirror will do this easily via sturdy adjustable arms. Cheaper mirrors can become loose and not hold the position you need. You get what you pay for. (Did you read our page about what to avoid when buying a magnifying mirror?). Here are the options.

Wall-mounted Mirrors: Our recommended option. A good wall mirror is designed to be fit compactly against the wall when not in use and then extend out towards the face and hold it’s position when required. We have wall mirrors available with fixed arms, 1-3 swivel arms or concertina arms. Measure the height you would like the mirror to be on the wall and how far it needs to extend to be say 20cm from your face. Most of our product pages include details product measurements. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and include an image of the area you wish to install the mirror if this helps. email

Some of our wall mirrors have fixed arms ( s straight immovable support) so you lose adjustability butgain in terms of aesthetics (Italian Designer Mirrors) or installation benefits (Stickon mirrors)

Tabletop Mirrors: Have the advantage that there is no installation required and they can be moved between bathrooms. A good option if you like to sit down when enjoying your makeup or shaving rituals.

Handheld Mirrors – Generally recommended when a travel mirror is needed.

3.  Double Sided Mirrors:

Short Answer: Mostly we recommend mirrors that are double sided. One side is a "true view" mirror showing the whole face exactly as you and the rest of the world will see you today. The other side shows a magnified image. This is your work space showing you a clear larger image of the facial parts you most want to enhance. Lips, eyes, etc. Our double sided mirrors let you quickly flick between the two sides until the result is perfect.

4.  Mirror Size (Diameter for Round Mirrors)

Simple Answer: The bigger the mirror the more of your face you will see when magnified. Most of the mirrors we sell have 19cm diameter.

Long Answer: Our mirrors vary in diameter from 13cm to 19cm diameter plus we also offer square and rectangular designs. From these options we usual recommend a 19cm diameter round mirror because this size shows most of the face and is available double-sided. Remember the proportion of the face visible in a mirror decreases as the magnification increases and also as the mirror size decreases. Here are the options.

19cm Diameter - Our best recommendation

16 cm Diameter – Still sufficient and may work best for you if space is limited or your decor suits a compact design mirror.

13cm Diameter – Really only offered as travel mirrors.

We do offer Square and rectangular shaped mirrors. Generally chosen to complement your bathroom decore, the most practical shape is round.

Most of our mirrors are double sided. One side has magnification (the reason you have bought a magnifying mirror) and the other side has no magnification (called True Image) and shows the entire face. So you can easily alternate between the two mirror surfaces

5.  Decor

Short Answer: Choose the design you like after all it’s your money.

Long Answer: We like to think our mirrors are not only useful but also attractive additions to your bathroom. For this reason we offer a range of designs and finishes. Here are the options.

Polished chrome or the lustre of bright brass. Chrome is the most popular finish.

Italian Designer Mirrors. Only available with 3x magnification and most are single sided mirror with fixed arms. Best used in conjunction with your main bathroom mirror. A good choice when the mirror’s appearance is important.

Square and rectangular Mirrors. For technical reasons only available with 3x magnification.

Round double sided mirrors – The traditional appeal and our favourites.

All our mirrors are made of proven rustproof materials namely brass, chrome and stainless steel. The mirror surface itself is of high quality glass.

6.  WHOOPS Lets add a 6th option ILLUMINATION. About 1/3 of the mirrors we sell feature LED Illumination.

Short Answer: Do not underestimate the extra comfort a level of light surrounding the mirror surface and illuminating the face provides. If you struggle when applying makeup or shaving because the light level around your face is too low or too shadowed then you should seriously consider buying an LED illuminated mirror. If you can afford it and have a power supply available then these mirrors come highly recommended. Remember they are single sided so try to position them close to a normal bathroom mirror.

Long Answer: Here are the options.

No Illumination - Rely on light levels in your bathroom. This is often sufficient especially if the magnifying mirror is used in conjunction with a main bathroom mirror that has its own light source.

LED Illumination – Our standard illuminated mirrors are supplied with a LED white light. This provides a clear image and good colour rendition. For technical reasons only available single sided and with 3x magnification.

POWER LED Illumination – Our recommended option if you decide to purchase a magnifying mirror with illumination. Intelligent design from our preferred German supplier FRASCO. These mirrors feature a powerful LED white light and incorporate an inbuilt touch control switch with dimmer. The desired light level can be perfectly selected with the touch control and is remembered for the next time. The mirror even switches off automatically after 20 minutes saving power. Available with both 3x and 5x magnification, with both single and double wall arms, For technical reasons these mirrors are only available single sided.

To assist you we have selected our most recommended mirrors and catagorised these as Beauty Mirrors and Shaving Mirrors. All our magnifying mirrors are excellent products but the ones selected overall meet more of the criteria described in this article.

Hope you find these thoughts useful when making your selection. Please feel free to contact us should you have a question.

Remember first impressions are lasting impressions

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