Common Mistakes

A good magnifying mirror is a wonderful bathroom tool. It will speed up your morning routines – cosmetics, shaving, clearing skin of impurities. You will look and feel better.

So let’s consider why a surprising number of beauty or shaving mirrors are no longer used after a short period and what you can learn from this when selecting your new "favourite" bathroom aid..

There are over 160 steps in the production of a good magnifying mirror so this means a lot can also go wrong without the correct attention to detail.

REASON 1 - The mirror image is very uncomfortable to use and irritates the eyes.

Image distortion - imperfections in the mirror surface due to poor manufacturing.

Unnatural magnifications – Difficulty keeping the correct focal length from the mirror for a clear image usually causing eye strain and discomfort.

Our preffered supplier FRASCO has over 90 years experience manufacturing magnifying mirrors. Mirror magnifications are selected to the standard radius of concavity providing comfort and avoiding eye strain over many years of use. The mirror itself is made from optically correct distortion free German glass with precise magnification and a perfectly centered focal point.

REASON 2 – The mirror doesn’t stay in position

A good mirror should remain in the desired position leaving both hands free for makeup, shaving, etc

Wobbly or Sagging mirror arms – the mirror droops and requires repeated adjustment.

Loose Nuts and bolts – Repeatedly needing to tighten the nuts and bolts that hold the mirror together.

We stock the same quality mirrors supplied to 5-star hotels, beauty salons, jewelry shops, perfumeries and department stores throughout Europe.

REASON 3 – Rust and Mirror De-silvering.

Rust - It may require 6-12 months to occur but bathrooms and showers are wet areas and are not kind to materials that rust. Premium manufacturers select rustproof materials for all components in the mirrors construction. Right down to the smallest crew or nut.

De-silvering – This is a brown delamination of the silvering at the back of the mirror surface, usually starting around the mirror edge. Not only unattractive de-silvering can make the mirror unusable and cannot be repaired without replacing the entire mirror surface.

One of the 160+ construction steps our suppliers follow includes sealing the mirror edge and backing to prevent unsightly desilvering.

All our mirrors are manufactured from rustproof chromed brass and stainless steel. Cheaper materials such as plastics are not used.

REASON 4 – A lack of practise.

It you have decided to buy a good quality mirror then problems 1 to 3 won’t apply to you.

Now simply take a little time to become used to your new bathroom aid. Find your own best way to use your new mirror and enjoy the benefits.

All our mirrors are sourced from reputable European manufacturers and designers, are exported worldwide and are guaranteed to meet CE certification. We also offer a 21 day Risk Free returns policy and a 2 year replacement warranty.

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